Spotify Family

Spotify Family

Cheapest Spotify Family Account International Edition

Cheapest Gift Cards for Spotify (Spoiler: Brasilien!)

Disclaimer: This guide is only intended for people who are not in their home country right now, but still want to legally renew their service with Spotify AB based in Stockholm, Sweden!

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Cheapest Spotify Premium 1 Year Family Account

2: Select „Sign In“ if you already have a Free Account. Select „Register“ if you don’t already have an account.
3: Enter the login data of your free account and confirm it with the „Login“ button.

4: Click on the „circle“ icon in the top bar.
5: Scroll down a little to the account overview and select „Edit profile“.
6: Under Edit Profile, go to the „Country or Region“ check box.

7: Click the „Country or Region“ check box and select „Brazil“.
8: Go to the „Save Profile“ button.
9: Once the „Profile Saved“ message appears, click the down arrow next to „Edit Profile“.

10: In the overview select „Redeem“.
11: Now enter your codes that you bought before and click next. (if you have several codes, you have to go to redeem again)
12: Further down the page under „Your subscription“ select the „Subscribe“ button. (from now on you can switch off the VPN)

13: Select „Change plan“ in the top right corner.
14: Scroll down a bit and under „Familia“ click on the „Comecar“ button.
15: Under Assinar, press the down arrow next to Assinatura mensal.

16: Select the Credit Card field and click the arrow.
17: Scroll down a bit and find „Mudar pais“.
18: Select „Alemanha“ from the list. (Germany)

19: Activate „PayPal“ as payment method, the 2 checkboxes below and click on „Continuar Compra“.
20: Click on the „circle“ icon in the top bar.
21: Scroll down a bit under Spotify Premium Familia and click the Mudar de plano button.

22: Click below „Spotify Free“ and „Cancelar o Premium“.
23: Then „Continue para cancelar“.
24: and then Button „Continue para cancelar“.

25: Button „Quero“.
26: Green Button „Enviar“.
27: Green Button „Voltar a conta“.

28: Go to menu (3 stripes)
29: Check „Sair“
30: Re-Login. Ready!

Q: What are the restrictions on a German account?
A: none! According to the instructions, your account is German and equivalent

Q: When can I start the guide?
A: Your Spotify account must have Free status.

Q: Do I have to take 3x 100 BR or is 3x 6 months also possible? (Brazil)
A: It doesn’t matter whether you take 3x 100 BR vouchers or 3x 6 months.(Brazil)

Q: How many months is the maximum on Spotify?
A: A maximum of 18 months is possible for what is the equivalent of 12 months Spotify Family.

Q: Can I charge less?
A: Yes – but you have to redeem at least 18 months or 300 BR to be able to convert it into a German Spotify Family Account. If you top up less, you won’t be able to convert your account.

Q: How much can I redeem per day?
A: You can redeem a maximum of 4 codes per day.

Q: How many people can I add to a Spotify Family account?
A: You + 5 other people are possible in a family account.

Q: Can I also switch to Spotify Duo?
A: Yes it is possible, follow the instructions and select Duo instead of Family

Q: What address does the family and I need to provide?
A: Important you and your family must provide the same address. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your real one or someone else from Germany.

Q: Does this also work with an existing family subscription?
On a! you have to wait until your family subscription expires.

Q: Why Brazil and not Turkey or Argentina?
A: In principle, you can use any country that offers voucher codes. According to my current knowledge, there are currently no Turkish or Argentinian voucher codes.

Q: What happens after my family subscription expires?
A: Once your Family subscription expires, you will be switched to Spotify Free. All of your family members will be removed from the family and will also have Spotify Free.

Q: How long do I have if I switch to the Duo subscription?
A: If you want to switch to the Duo subscription instead of family, you have a term of 14 months.

Q:‌ Do I or others keep the playlists if I cancel/move/remove or add family members?
A:‌ Yes, your playlists and those of your family members will remain.

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